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Good morning everyone. Bright blessings to you all.

My sweetest, dearest Lost Dog and my dearest, gifted Alexis. Thank you. Dear Alexis i expect a new appointment is in the post to me. I received my WCA report yesterday outlining their decision and why they made it. I nearly rang them to make sure they had not sent me the wrong one so little did i recognise myself in their findings! So be it. PIP Friday.

My brothers and sisters, this morning i am going a bit "off topic", please forgive me for it, yet it is important to me that i share this.

My city like all citys has it daily newspaper and yesterday in my city......"100's walk by dead homeless man". A man in his 50's was found dead in the city centre in a doorway. The city starts banging on about the homeless problem.....the politics......"it should never happen".....which is a pile of bollocks because it WILL happen again.....and again.....and again.


Today i wish to pay tribute to this "dead homeless man in his "50's".

I have done some work over the years, especially during winter with a small charity that provides food for the homeless. We wander round late at night and give some food and warm clothing and whatnot.

I knew this man. Many knew this man.

His name was Micheal. He was quiet, beautifully friendly and loved to natter about his past and the love he had for his now dead girlfriend. He loved our company as we loved his. He slept in the same doorway every-night and the first time i met Micheal it was -2 and he was deep into his book reading by torchlight. He had only books, a sleeping bag and 1 pair of socks. He never....EVER...took more than he needed. He was not greedy. We used to have to force him to have extra portions, and as for trying to give him new socks....he would say he had 1 pair, save them for the next person.

Yes Micheal was a homeless man, yet he was not "down and out". He was beautiful and compassionate man. Highly intelligent and would not say boo to a goose.

I, and i know of many others who will miss him.

RIP Micheal, you will be sadly missed and never forgotten.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be strong. Loveness to all Micheals friends, Loveness to all.
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