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Question Advice/Help needed

So yes its me, first of all. LOL
Anyhow, my oldest son is 26 now, and totally and utterly addicted to benzos. The scary thing is its not just xanax or clonipin, its some obscure research chem version. Seizures, hes had at least 3 I know of, and I do not know how many really. One was in front of me, so I know for sure he has had them. Another last night.

That is why I am here, truthfully I have NO idea how much he was taking, nor do I suspect does he.

Rehab, as much as I hate rehab how and or where do I even begin, he's 26 and unemployed and uninsured. We can get to anywhere in the southeast generally speaking.
Anyone with any ideas, experiences, anything are appreciated.

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