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Hi again, in my opinion, I agree with his mother and doctor. If he relapsed while taking Suboxone, it would be much more difficult at this point in time for him if he did stop taking it. He needs it right now so that his cravings are under control and he can work on what lead him to relapse and gather tools to better deal with that.

This is a good thread about length of time on Suboxone:
Maybe he could read that - you could copy then paste in word, then print it out without the Addiction Survivors stuff so he wouldn't know you were posting here.

I'm glad that he'll be having one-on-one sessions. Please don't feel like you need to walk on eggshells. That just adds more stress on you, which he would notice, no? He needs to learn to cope with real life and stressors without resorting to heroin.

Many NA groups are not accepting of medication assisted treatment. So that is a legitimate concern for him. But, as we tell others, what medication he takes is no one's business but his, his doctors and anyone he chooses to tell. Taking a medication for a medical condition (addiction) should not be an issue; but unfortunately for some NA groups, it is. There have been many people who chose to go to AA instead because they seem to be more accepting of medication and many groups were open to all addictions, not just alcohol dependence. One thing that helped many here is the free CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) site:

Please be good to yourself too, ok?

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