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Good evening dear Jenm. Bright blessings to you.

Have you heard about the teaching op at prison yet? Tryn sends all he is in prayers and hopes for you. I can tell this is something you very much want. I also happen to know you are the sort of person that makes things happen if at all possible.

My, you have alot on, what with humidifiers and whatnot, and i feel for your cats. I am not a cat person, as cats are not usually people cats! I had 2 once, Scribble, (mum) and Rosie. (daughter), what a miserable pair of @~~~~. I lived in the countryside at the time and 1 day i bought a Goldie pup. (Retriever) He was called Bosley. Well, the minute the little pup waddled into the cottage, off went sulky Rosie. I got worried after a few days and would call out her name across the fields in the hope she had lost her hump. No joy. Then one day, not to put too fine a point to it, i was in the bathroom looking out the window and 3 fields away was Rosie sitting on a fence post. I ran out....Rosie....Rosie.....and off she ran. Next day she was a field closer, and then the next, and the day after that in she strode as if nothing had happened. Took a good look at Bosley, (who ran behind me), and the staus quo was restored.

Pussycats eh?

My thoughts, strength and loveness to you dear Jenm
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