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Good evening dear Jenm. Bright blessings to you.

I may have a solution to burst pipes, washing backing up and whatnot. I have decided to start a new business. It is going to be called "Muttiland". Oh yes.

My company will essentially be a "care company", but the staff will be dogs. (I'll answer the phones). My dogs will; be trained in all facets of human frailtys, and all have a certified desire to collects papers and slippers. I happen to have 2 dogs that.....for a fee.....(17 dog biscuits each) will enable you to sit back while one sorts out the socks and whatnot, whilst the other, (who due to his age now wears glasses), creates to perfect wash cycle. (The burst pipe scenario brilliant placated by a tail whilst action is required.) Each dog comes with a criminal dog kennel check, and i have to say are amiable characters.

If you wish their services, please do not hesitate to drop me a line at "Muttiland, dogs for what?, Blighty" and ask for Spin and his brother Dry.

Loveness dear Jenm.
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