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Good afternoon Jenm. Bright blessings to you.

I got off the bus......and had no choice but to "slide" past your place.

I know things are difficult at the mo Jenm, and i know your weather is atrocious, so i thought it might "help" if i suggested you "moved". Warmer countries a good starting point. ......

Oh hold on, stop me when i am wrong. You live in the USA. If you wanted you could go up to go skiing, left for a bar b q, right for the desert....right?

Your kids, as you, have had, frankly enough. Okie dokey.......we are all going to live where the cowboys live, (minus the horses and hat), get away from the cold, etc etc. Jenm...i bet you one of your american cheesburgers that gives me a heart attack reading the menu, (i never knew there so many animals in the world with cheese on them), when all is said and done.......there is nothing better than pushing your car through the snow to appreciate home.

I am not making light of the tough times you are in Jenm. Just trying to make tough times....light.

Be peaceful, be healthy and be Jenm. Loveness to you Jenm.
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