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Good afternoon dear Jenm. Bright blessings to you.

When i first joined i think it was the first day you held out your hand to me and offered me friendship and support. Thank goodness i survived long enough to take it.

I have been in some rotten places since you have known me Jenm, you have been a part of seeing me through them all. Its not like Jenm to feel overwhelmed.

It's really ok Jenm. You have reached out and we are here. If it would help to unravel the impossible, give it a go, it may help. Dearest Jenm, i do not have faith in the way you have. My respect for your faith complete. I have bags full of faith myself however in different things.

I have faith that when i am in moments of weakness, or i am afraid, or things feel like they are getting on top of me, i come to the family and say, just what you said. My faith means to me that the family wil understand why things are the way they are, that i am normal to find things a tad challenging, and then something i have only just learnt.....everyone says they have "faith in me". Huh? I thought faith belonged just to God.

I have it on good authority that one is allowed to have faith in themselves, and mores the point, one can have faith in another.

Jenm, you empowered me to have faith in myself, and always promoted that by giving it to me.

Right back at ya Jenm, i have faith in you, we have faith in you. Spend a little time having faith in yourself. Dont give all your faith away hey?, save some for yourself.

My thoughts are with you. Be patient, be strong. Loveness to you dear Jenm.
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