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Thank you 1418, Lee, and Jenm for your encouragement. I really appreciate it!

Lee - It finally hit me last weekend that my husband won't stop drinking because I think he has a problem. I cannot fix him, and trying to has occupied my thoughts and time for ten years.

1418 - He has flat out said that he is self-medicating, knows it, and likes it that way. I have tried many, many times to get him to seek help, but as long as he views it like that and holds the belief that seeing a doctor will get him into some mysterious government database, there's no chance of him going.

Jenm - I think you are right that I'm trying to force the two realities together. It isn't helping, has never helped, and there is no reason to think it ever will.

The hard part is figuring out what to do next. I need to bide my time until after Thanksgiving. He actually wants me to stay with his mother or at a hotel so he and his brother can go on a bender Tuesday without me trying to quiet them down at 3am. I am livid, naturally, but I suppose the peace would be better than the infuriating night I usually spend when they do this.

Thank you again! It feels so much better to get this off my chest.
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