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Antique, Welcome to the site.

I drank for 42 years. The days I worked I drank less. On my days off I drank about 10 /15 beers a day. It was normal to me. I could also go to the VFW & drink 30 beers & drive home.

I was a me, me person who put my wants 1st & that included drinking. In the meantime I was divorced 3 times with children living in MI & CA. To me paying child support was being a good father.

While drinking I gave away wives, children, parents siblings, jobs & friends.

I was 2 & 1/2 months shy of 61 when I got sober. I will be 70 years old tomorrow. Today I have a good life with my 1st & 3 wife. (same person).

I needed a support group of recovering alcoholics to get sober. I could not do it by myself.

It is you choice if you want to live like you are. You can talk to the heavy drinker or the alcoholic until your blue in the face. Unless he wants to stop on his own for himself you are wasting your breath.

Good luck on your decisions.

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