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Hi christy, Welcome to NAABT and to the end of Hell!

I did my induction the exact way you are considering. I took my last 10 Norco's at 5:00pm and took a hot shower and went to bed as usual and at 4:00am in the morning I woke up and I was shivering and sweating. I looked in the bathroom mirror and my pupils were huge. I had already put my Suboxone at my bedside and melted my first 8mg and went back to sleep! At 6:00am I woke up and the same thing was happening so I melted another 8mg, got up showered and actually went to work. I didn't want to sit around all day thinking and worrying so it really helped. I was hungry and slept fine right from the beginning. I had a headache all day but that finally went away. I came here constantly and posted and asked a million questions that were patiently answered and I'm still here since Sept. 28, 2007.
You will be fine, I was mixing oxy's, norco, and booze and xanax and now work a well rounded program and live it.

Welcome to an addiction free lifestyle!
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