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Thanks Tim for another great post about the science of addiction. I have been trying to explain my choice of medication assisted treatment to my husband and other family members for over a year and a half now. I copied your "defending your choice of treatment" post and gave it to my family. It was so helpful in starting the dialogue. My husband was of the "exchanging one addiction for another" belief but at least he is starting to see that I am NOT addicted to buprenorphine. I take my prescribed dose in the morning and it honestly doesn't even come to mind during the day. I do not organize my activities around it, lie to get it, bankrupt us to pay for it, steal it from family members or friends, break the law obtaining and using it, obsess endlessly about how to get it, worry I won't have enough to get through the day, or walk around in a stupor because of it. I don't hate my life because of it. You may not remember this but you are the one who pushed me hard to get mental health treatment last summer. I did and thanks to that my behavior has changed allowing the pathways in my brain to change. Without buprenorphine I am sure the withdrawal symptoms would have pushed me to relapse. I'm even starting to taper now. How far down I will be able to go and how soon is uncertain but I am starting to be able to see a drug-free life down the road for me. Assuming I haven't done irreparable damage to my brain and it can go back to producing the necessary chemicals in the right balance that I feel ok. I don't mean to sound casual about it - I know that I can't take it or leave it. I am dependent on subutex and if I stopped taking it suddenly I would be in real danger of relapse or else I'd be really sick. But I am so grateful that it is available and "it found me" because without it I don't know where I'd be. My husband has come to the realization that he is an alcoholic and has started going to AA. His sponsor is on suboxone in fact and has also defended his choice to my husband. Really that he is coming around is making life so much better.
Please keep the information coming. If you can suggest any studies that compare the success (no relapse) rates of mat and abstinence/12 steps long term that would be very helpful. Thanks again for all that you do for us! :]
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