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Day 15 ... wooowoooo made it past the 2 week mark...(hey, whatever I can get excited about I will)
So I have been allowing myself to eat chocolate & whatever else I feel like....I usually never indulge in sweets & extras... but being so strict right now seems silly.
I am still sleeping pretty sound, altho I am waking earlier... at least I am getting sound sleep when I sleep...( I have an insomnia problem which I just live with... but it is better)
I have been incorporating vitamins in my diet & drinking lot's of water to flush myself... Thinking of joining a gym this next week... gonna start out with swimming... Might be a good thing to do after work which is the bewitching hours... Well, ty all for letting me journal, rant, pat myself on the back & ty for your input... it helps a lot & means a lot to know I am not alone right now..

Much love & have a wonderful day
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