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Ty Jen & tryntry,
The first day when I quit, I stayed in my jammies & watched A&E's intervention when I say I am surprised how easy it has been so far, I figured I would feel sicker...I just felt uncomfortable the first day while I lay around watching tv... My internal thermometer was going up & down, clammy & sweats...but nothing too bad...slept kinda crappy the first night which is always a pain, when I work 10 hour days I need my sleep.

I know the hard part will be staying sober, but the fact I am feeling so much better is about instant gratification !!

I come from a family where my dad was an alcoholic ( he's been sober many years, 30 I think) My brother is a functioning alcoholic also..

I look forward to getting to know all of you, & maybe someday I can be of help to you all as well

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