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I am new to this all, bare with me...

Today is day 14 & I am feeling really good!
I am sleeping better & my head is clear.. Digestion is back to normal & my liver doesn't hurt.

I am making 2015 all about me & my health
It kinda spooks me how easy this has been so far, I have been a daily drinker for about 25 years.
I own a business & I work a lot of hours, but i managed to drink after work at home... No going out after work & drinking and driving... Just go to work & come home and drink a cpl of bottles of wine...but it was taking it's toll on my head & body.
I am thinking I will need to surround myself with others who have gone through the same to keep my head in the right direction, so here I am.
I look forward to getting to know ya all better & I look forward to staying sober & getting healthy..
Thanks for your time
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