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Nancy, sorry it took so long to reply! Everything you said makes perfect sense. I have been working on the mental side of things as well. I find that if I am occupied and it doesn't cross my mind, I'm fine. Once it hits me it's instant anxiety. Not bad but just in the back of my mind. I read in another post where someone listed steps to keep there mind off of it. I have tried some of those methods and they worked great.
To answer your question, I am in somewhat treatment. There is a church group that meets to discuss adiction. It's a small group of us that just sit and talk. Nothing formal. It's nice because it gives me the chance to hear other people's stories. I also enjoy reading through this forum. There is a ton of info here.
I just take it day to day. If I dwell on it I get down. I try to look at the positive. The holidays are great because I stay so busy. And I'm going home to see my family for Christmas!!! Thanks and merry Christmas!!
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