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Default Hi JennyLyn4eva WELCOME !

Dear JennyLynn4eva,

Welcome to the forum first you are NOT alone and congrats on taking a huge step by posting !!
( and Abbynormal thanks for posting : ) and great suggestions!

Sometimes the stimulant forum gets slow but go back and read the stories from the members here, it may give you insight and some ideas about what options you may be interested in.

There is a saying addiction is addiction, the substance may be different but we all share similar issues : a physical and/ or psychological dependance on a substance and not knowing how to stop. Like saying I'll quit tomorrow and then tomorrow comes ..... back to the races again.

There is help out there, read the member's stories, the educational links, and you will see but I KNOW the feeling so well of feeling that I was the only person on the planet that felt the way I did, hopeless, helpless= But I found help and people like me and it changed my world for the better.

If you could share a bit more like have you ever sought some type of help, face to face counseling, support groups and what would you be interested /comfortable with trying ? just writing about it is a great start.

To the right of this page in orange is a link to the treatment locator, click it, type in your zip code and it will give you a list of resources in and around your area.

I will check on you later tonight and tomorrow, hang in there, you are NOT alone! Take care, Carly
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