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I was sober from the age of 31 to 48. I stayed sober with the help of a 28 day program followed by a year and a half in a vocational rehab dormitory. During those seventeen years, I was able to abstain from all mood altering drugs, alcohol, I quit smoking on Oct 20th, 1989, and I beat hep c. I worked the first three steps of AA. I was never able to tell someone each and everything that has bothered me during my life. I relapsed on pain meds but I still haven't had a drink or a cigarette since Jan 7th 1988 and Oct 20th, 1989. I am still virus free from hep c. The time I spent at the meetings was time I wasn't doing something less productive. I have no doubt that AA helped me.

It never ceases to amaze me that we go out, make a shambles of our lives, and then we are surprised and chagrined that there isn't a program that doesn't fit our definition of our needs to an exact personal specification.
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