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Default Questions after reading alarming info on longterm sub use

Recently I was told at an NA meeting that suboxone is not only the hardest opioid to get off of, but that long term use damages your brain permanitely for life. I went online and did a lot of research and read posts from both sides. But some people really hate this medicine and said that your endogenous opioids will never work again, and that after a couple of years of being on it, it stops working properly due to a tolerance. I am very scared because last month my doctor told me that I may be on this drug for life, (and gave me reasons why, but ultimately my choice) and I didnt think much of it. It has helped me not only stay clean but with my depression and pain as well. Now I am so worried that these symptoms will start happening. And because its such a new drug its hard to find stories of anyone that has been on it for life or longer than 3-5 years. I read that withdrawal can last up to a full year or more, and thats for physical symptoms. I have anxiety issues and recognize I need to talk to my doctor before letting one person from NA and internet posts scare me off of this medicine, because I dont feel ready to get off it at all. Im sorry if this post seems a little melodramatic, but I am extremely concerned. Does anyone know if any of that is true? Or any advice?
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