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That sweating side effect you are having got me researching what it could be. First of all, I think the doctor saying it's withdrawals after 10 weeks and detoxing on a short acting opiate (morphine) is kind of out of line. Again are you taking Suboxone and some people are allergic to the 2% of Naloxone that gets in the system.

Ask yourself, 1) Where am I sweating 2) I'm I breaking out in the same place where I sweat 3) What additives are they putting in the pool I do my water aerobics in 4) Since you sweat till 3 or 4 AM, is it hot or a cold sweat.

Personally, I don't think it's from w/d's. Morphine just doesn't have that long of a half-life. These are things it could be from the WEB MD site:

1. Anxiety, emotional sweating. 2. The cats, maybe they got into something you're allergic to. (I had three cats: Forbes, Gates and Sarah)
3. The naloxone? Rule that out by not taking the Suboxone at night before bed, take it 3 hours before bed. The water in the pool at water aerobics may be full of chemical and bacteria. You would be surprised what is in our drinking water, get a Brita system if you can.

Excessive sweating is called Hyperhidrosis and many things can cause it. Breaking out where you sweat is a normal thing, many people break out where they sweat. There is a tea called "Hushed Sea" that helps with the sweating. It is in the low 90's in Colorado, but the humidity is off the meter. It's raining like cats and dogs right now, thundering, etc. Tomorrow, the sun will come out, it will get hot and I will sweat all day, but I'm not breaking out. I like to sweat, gets the toxins out.

Pain can cause sweating especially with increased activity. I have arthritis everywhere. My left wrist, my right knee, my subtalar joints, my back in fact yesteday the doctor said I am going to need a total knee replacement. Crap. So I would do this:

1. To rule out the Suboxone, take it several hours before you go to sleep. Naloxone effects last 45 minutes. Very short acting. That's why if you OD on methadone they continue shots every hour. Naloxone is very short acting.

2. When I grew up in Newfoundland, they didn't put flouride in the water, thus the dentist can tell from my teeth I had a lack of flouride when I was young. So they probably, in 2010 compared to 1958 load the water up with chemicals, maybe the cause of the breaking out.

3. The cats. Make sure you groom them well, and wash them well at least once week. If you haven't, they'll get use to it, just don't use the blow dryer to dry them, it freaks them out.

4. At night is when we think of our lives, thus we may get more anxious at bed time. Anxiety cause a person to sweat and when you sweat you break out in that area.

5. Hushed Sea tea, helps with Hyperhidrosis (personally I've never heard about it.) Have you changed detergent lately, chemicals in detergent can have allergic reactions?

6. Is it hot and humid while sleeping? Get a fan and point it at you while you sleep.

I can't swallow the notion you are still detoxing, but you could be allergic to the Naloxone. Just take it 3 hours before beddie bye time.

The Water Aerobics could be causing the pain, and I would exercise and deal with the pain than stay idle.

This will probably get moved to the Side Effect forum. But you said this forum is your AA, so why move it.

As far as my sister-in-law, my dad hasn't even received an e-mail from her in three days, so maybe her brother-in-law is getting really sick in the ICU. I'll pray for her tonight. I will send her some Good Karma.

Good Karma, and let the sweats and breaking out leave your body.


You are doing the work of AA. And you are reaping the rewards. I wish I had kids, that is something God made sure I didn't have for some reason.

Hell, I might have been very, very successful if I had kids. Kids are the key to life. Life is about continuiing it. To continue life, we had to have children to carry on the family. Good job Potts.

Good Karma


When Linda said I looked stoned, and wasn't gonna take me to the meeting, I had a fit. I humbled myself, and went anyway. I'm only human, but for the most part I like to see people happy. In one nooner meeting, everyone looked so sad, so I told everybody: "It's OK to smile, we have a lot to smile about."

I am a giving, caring person who loves life, other humans, cats, dogs, raccoons, not to crazy about skunks around here, and all other forms of life. Life is the key to our existence. To continue life is to have a purpose to live.

I love Jazz, the Violin, Classical, Suzanne Vega, Lou Reed, old Rock, even some head banger music. I even like Rap. My ringtone is Snoop Doggy Dog (Gin and Juice). I gotta get to sleep tonight. It's 11AM MST, so after one more post, Nighty Night.

Tomorrow the Nooner Meeting, today laundry and rain and looking for a 12 amp Hoover Carpet Cleaning machine electric motor. I didn't make it to a meeting, but the laundry mat was like one, and I called some friends and told them how beneficial it would be for them to get off the methadone clinic and get on Suboxone. So I did some work today.

Good Karma

To send picture in the singles thread, you have to have a printer like an ESP 3250 Kodak printer ($69 at Wal-Mart) that prints documents and scans.

You simply scan the picture and after scanning is complete, the Kodak site asks some questions, one of them being if you want to e-mail what just scanned on USB. It sends the e-mail with the picture as an attachment. You can do it for documents also.

Anyway, it will feel more like an AA meeting when we know what each of us looks like. I think it would be fun. If they have Private Messaging on this site, you can be discreet about who knows your e-mail, so only the ones you want to know will know.

Good Karma
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