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Hello Debra, Salgod, and Darkeyes,

I just got back from a meeting for a few celebrants and one of them happened to be my daughters uncle which I had no idea that he even went to meetings. So he celebrated 16 years and the whole family was there. We don't really speak at all, my daughter goes to see them weekly but we don't speak unless we have to. Anyway very uncomfortable and I can only imagine what they are thinking now, I am so scared this is going to all fall back on me hard. I didn't talk to them there and left right after the meeting but I am feeling really bad about the whole thing. Maybe I should have stayed and explained myself, but why should I have to, these people have really done nothing for me.

Debra- I like the idea of a singles thread! I have been single pretty much my whole life, ya I have to kids but there fathers have never been part of there lives. I live in Mass not Maine, but we are still close. I also sweat alot, I didn't in the begining at all but the past 3 weeks its been crazy. I have never been a sweaty person and lately I sweat all the time!

Salgod- Yeah I started writing my steps but only on the 2nd part of step one and finding it very hard! I hope things are a little better with your sister, maybe you could tell her how your feeling? Maybe she doesn't no whats she's doing? I don't know I would just hate to see you not attend meeting because of the tension between the two of you! I don't really get along with my sister either, but I only have 1 sister and I try to keep our relationship going the best that it can, family is family were stuck with them!

Well I hope you all have a great night sleep well!!!
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