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Again Jpotts,

I am proud that you are taking this AA business seriously. Sounds like you are already on your 4th STEP, where we write down all of your character defects and ask God to remove them. That is great.

No my Sister-in-Law is not on Suboxone. She was sober for 14 years off alcohol, then Rick (my brother) killed himself and then she relapsed. Now she's been sober for 4 years, but her DOC is alcohol. Keep it up, I'm on STEP 3, then after that comes the work. The meeting is just that, a meeting. The work comes after the meeting like you said, when it's just you and your sponsor working the steps. The work of AA comes after the meetings.


I think you hit the nail on the head. Linda is jealous. When she sees me at a meeting, she wishes it was Rick, because I'm not about to start a relationship with that hateful b*tch.

Well, I posted three times already, and I had a glitch everytime, so I'm gonna see if this posts, plus my back is killing me. I was working on a Hoover Carpet Cleaner till 4:30 AM last night and got up at 8 AM. Yea I looked stoned, but it is exhaustion not drugs. I have to give a UA in a week, why would I jeapordize my Suboxone treatment. She's way way out there!

Good Karma, and did you know the Hindu's worship a different god everyday of the week. Crazy, man!
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