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I hate to say it, but my sister-in-law not only doesn't like that I am succeeding, but she actually hates me. She said it while we were riding to the small group AA we go to on Friday.

I shared twice, got another 30 day chip and she was just steaming. When she shared I got up to get a cup of coffee.

I told everybody, that this room is just where we meet. The real work happens when we get out and meet with our sponsor and work the steps. To me the steps is just a way to confess to another my wrongs, and the amends reminds me of confession to the one I had done the wrongs to.

Hell, I don't need her to accuse me of fall accusations. I stayed up till 4:30 AM working on a rug shampooer I got out of hock, from a junkie. He got $50 for it, I paid $62. It worked good for 20 minutes and then just crapped on me. Then I made two trips to the laundry mat to do laundry. Of course I'm tired, I'm exhausted and my eyes may look tired. I tell you, some people just don't give anyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm going to the noon meeting to discuss it today without her ofcourse.

I think a singles thread would be fastastic for this Newfie boy. I can scan and send pictures, wow I'm really learning this computer crap.

As far as Linda, my sister-in-law, I follow "Be thine true to yourself." (Something like that). It's my Dead Mom's birthday today, so I'm going to the cemetary to put some roses on her gave. Man, I hate being alone. I'm just crying right now, from lack of sleep, from arrogant assholes like Linda, my mom's birthday and she isn't here. I'm so sad right now. But I will snap out of it and succeed, with AA, counseling, my deep deep desire, and my will to be good to others no matter who they are.

Good Karma, and have a good Saturday.

P.S.- Deb, work on that singles thread, it would be a good addition to this Web site
If you read my other post about your sister in law, did I not tell you? She is jealous of your success!!!! And you know the saying kill em with kindness!!!! It's just sad that people get so overwhelmed with jealousy because of some others success. I have one family member that will not speak to me, I am not welcome in her house, she ignores my grandsons, but every time I see her I ask her how she feels. Smile and say goodbye when she leaves this house. I dunno, I don't understand, and more than that I'm beginning not to care if she is jealous or not. I'm feeling good, almost a year on sub and still hate ikea. (spend to much in that place)
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