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You ask if it was pride. The answer is yes. Recovery is not about what anyone thinks of you. The knowledge you gained (and obviously applied for some time) saved your life. That book is the answer to walking amongst them....a free man (or women) longer a slave to anything! Why then...would you worry about pride?
All my life, I just wanted to be normal. I didn't understand why I was the only one who woke up fighting there head. I felt alone in a crowded room of people. Either better than or less than. Paralyzed in fear at every turn. The Fellowship lead me to a sponsor, who lead me through the steps that lead me to God. God and those steps taught me how to suit up and show up for whatever life has to offer. No longer alone in the universe.
Suboxone has nothing to do with how I walk through my life. It is a tool. No different than the blood pressure pills I have to use to keep from having a stroke.
In the old days I would just have excuses to cause road blocks to my recovery. Today I just apply what i've learned and stay connected to others who face life "one day at a time" ..... Ohhhhh and whewwwwwwww ....Am I grateful.
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