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Hey riddla420,

Your post grabbed my attention because you said you're on Subutex. Is that right, you're on Subutex and not Suboxone? It also grabbed my attention because you said you're depressed and feel like crap. I was on Name Brand Subutex for 5 years. I took between 4 - 8 mg a day with the usual dose being 5 mg. What I am wondering about with you, is are you taking generic Subutex, or the Name Brand? If it's a generic, which ones? Are they white round pills, or are they white oval, or oblong pills? The white round ones are made by Roxane, and I am also having problems with them. I do have a diagnosed problem with depression and anxiety. But while I was on the Name Brand Subutex, the depression was much better. I'm so chronically depressed that I don't even get dressed unless I have to go out. However, I live alone, with no real family, so that contributes to both being depressed and not wanting to get dressed. But this is not good, and I know it. Still, depression is a hard thing to fight when one is alone. So if you take the white round Subutex, I can understand why you feel so depressed. These Roxane generics don't seem to have the nice side effects the Name Brand has. And it's hard to complain about this to the pharmacy or docs, because the antidepressant effects of Subutex are a side effect of Buprenorphine. I was off Subutex for 1.5 years and today is day 13 back on it. I really am not satisfied with the way these Roxane Generics work. The pharmacy had given me 1 tab of a brand called Qualitest, and it was just 1, but it seemed to have the same nice side effects the Name Brand has. It even looks like the Name Brand, and I thought it was, until I looked up the logo on the Internet. I should be getting my new script tomorrow, and I'm going to ask the pharmacy for the Qualitest brand. But I already was told they may not be able to get them. I'm telling you all this because you're not feeling less depressed on Subutex, and IMO you should. I should too. I also noticed something you seem to be experiencing. It seems you want more and more Subutex, because you need your wife to hold them. Subutex should not cause that. I'm also experiencing this. I am allowed up to 16 mg a day. But neither me, nor the doc, thought I would need that much. Usually with Sub, less feels better than more. I took it for 5 years, I think I should know. I never used to feel like I needed more and more. Buprenorphine is just not supposed to cause that to happen. That's 1 of the advantages of using Buprenorphine, whether it be for detox, maintenance, or pain. It's not supposed to cause cravings. It doesn't create a tolerance, and it didn't for years. It should also lift your mood, help fight depression, and give you some energy, as well as help with motivation. You don't seem to be experiencing this, and neither am I. This has me deeply concerned. I hope you respond. I want to know which brand you are on, and if you don't know, just describe the pill. From what I have been able to find out, only Roxane makes it round. All the other companies, as well as the Name Brand, make it oval or oblong.

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