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... and a PERSON suggested I take a piece of a Suboxone. It was about a 2mg piece. I got so so so so high from that it was insane. Then I got into an accident that night cuz I blacked out. Totaled my car and all. My point? To say you are CLEAN and SOBER and be on suboxone treatment is a HUGE lie to yourself. It is a very, very strong and SUPER LONG acting opiate......
Sorry to hear about your accident. There is no way of knowing for sure if you even took buprenorphine. Buying drugs off the streets is dangerous because you never know what you are getting. A few months ago a pharmacology research student bought and injected what she thought was buprenorphine bought from an online pharmacy. She died and the medical examiner showed that there wasn’t buprenorphine in her system at all. People with some tolerance to opioids usually notice little effect from small doses of buprenorphine (unless taken too soon) which suggests that you might not have actually got buprenorphine.

Buprenorphine is relatively strong, at low doses, but as you approach the ceiling it becomes less and less potent. Once the ceiling is reached there are no noticeable increased effects. People dosed correctly and with sufficient tolerance experience little to no subjective effect from the medication. Most people describe the feeling as a return to normal. By not being under a doctor’s care when you took what might have been buprenorphine, you introduced a number of variables that may have contributed to your abnormal reaction to buprenorphine.

I understand your position based on your experience, but it isn’t representative of the vast majority of buprenorphine patients. I also agree that patients shouldn’t use clean/dirty to describe their disease status but for different reasons.


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