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Hello OHIL and all~

Things are going pretty well. I had my brother over to our house last night... just a simple time of hanging out, eating dinner and chatting... nothing amazing. It was great to have him around, and sober. All in all it was very uneventful which is just fine with me.

I hope if nothing else, staying in this "half way house" is giving him an opportunity to figure out how to ease back into "normal" life... meaning how to live sober while not in a full blown treatment facility.

From what I gather about how this place operates, he basically just lives there and goes to 3 or 4 meetings a week. Other than that they have a very regimented schedule for wake up a bed time as well as limited time that he can be away from the place. For example when he joined us for dinner last night he had to sign out, and could only be gone for 4 hours before signing back in. If he is late they report that to the court system and extend his total stay... if he were to not show at all or show up intoxicated he would go to jail. To my bro this is enough incentive to "play by the rules" however he wishes for more freedom.

All in all I think its the best thing for him... he has never under his own choosing attended AA meetings, or treatment options or support of any kind... each of the 3 times he has been in a facility it was "forced" upon him in some way. So I still feel this sense of rebellion and feeling like he got a bad deal somehow. He does not say that but I sense it in his comments around the whole topic of where he is at in life.

Those sorts of comments although seemingly harmless, say to me that he does not want help, does not think he needs help, and feels he will be fine once he is "free" and can go get a job and return to normal life... that's my take on what little he says about all of this... but I don't really know what he is thinking or feeling. I have just seen him reject these programs 2 other times now and nearly throw his entire life down the drain in the process so every little negative thing makes me jump straight to " he still does not get it"... I know that's not fair... and I don't respond or say anything about it to him either way. I just try to support him, include him and encourage him. Praying it truly is a path toward a really healthy sober life long term...

Thanks for listening!!

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