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Dear TryNTryagain,
I think it took a lot of courage to get on the plane and get to your support system. I understand you cannot divulge certain things but if you are sick you are sick, why would you have tell everyone the specifics? If money is the issue, then could you when you are feeling better/ up to it make a plan to pay them back? Don't worry about it NOW, number one priority is to get you safely through WDs and in a better frame of mind. Try having faith that you can turn the corner and that you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror with self respect. I think we all know the dark times of staring into that abyss , unable to look in the mirror because of the disgust, BUT it does get better if we work towards for it !
Your support sounds like they will monitor the conditions and ensure a safe home detox. Again, you can not hold yourself to higher standards because this disease simply does not care who you are ! You are just at risk as anyone else. In the states, we have many programs for doctors, nurses, people in the addiction profession as they often have the self- knowledge, but tend to rationalize and intellectualize their disease, the programs are designed for the individual's issues that may prevent them from recovery. Also, do you have medication assisted treatment available to help with cravings? Imo - Allow others to help you and guide you. Keep us posted and be good to yourself. I am so relieved you are among a support system. It does get better ! Take care, Carly
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