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Thank you R.Lee. I do understand where the experience of your words come from. And you are right. I would need to move, in order to realistically access the support i need. Hence the value of this forum to me, - Day 2. I feel confused, but alcohol just adds to the confusion, so i am trying to relax. I have had some cream crackers and keep sipping water. I am not frightened. I know my body will help me if i help it now. (I feel awful!!) I know it get's "better quickly". When it does i will be posting a new thread about staying stopped. Is that selfish?
Tryntryagain, I suggest don't get ahead of yourself by saying "staying stopped".
On your gquestion whether it is selfish. The program that I work is a selfish program.
In 4 hours & 10 minutes I might get in another 24 hours.
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