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My mother at around 48, took Chantix to quit smoking, but she really wanted to stop. In fact after about a week and a half she reported the same side effects (dreams, high anxiety, and just a weird general feeling) she never takes any perscription pills so it really effected her and she quit them but stayed off the cigs. This is after a lifetime of smoking!!

As far as the pregnancy thing goes, my mom did quit smoking for the pregnancy but her mother did not, hence my grandmother who used to chain smoke in her classic Mercury Cougar with the windows rolled up and the kids in the car!!

Me, I definately notice I feel like crap if I smoke in the first half of the day when I haven't taken my subox yet. It literally gives me a headache, makes me hack up crap, and makes my body ache. I wonder if I'll even be able to smoke after I quit suboxone. I've never smoked without being on something - started at 21 with amphetamines, alcohol, and then finally opiates then suboxone. So, who knows what will happen if my suboxone jump works. Pre-drugs, I hated cigarettes and never thought I'd be a smoker.

Oh, I took wellbutrin also, not knowing it was for smoking sessation. I always smoked on wellbutrin, possibly because I did not know it could be used to stop smoking.

Personally, I think the gum would work best. With a baby in the over though, the nicotine is still getting to the kid so?
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