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Thanks Alene, Steve, and Hairgirl for joining our 5th step chat! Alot of information was shared and I know it really helped me! The beauty of these steps are that there is no right or wrong way to do them. The point is to get them done! When we participate in recovery by sharing our experience , strength and hope WE get paid back 10 fold. So thanks everyone for joining for being there. Next week step 6....I hope to see you there!
ps...there was a question ask at chat about if this was about working the steps only in the conventional way! (ie:aa/na) In case anyone else is wondering that same thing......We are here to help people who have never had experience in working the steps. We are there to answer questions and share our experience. If you have experience in apply the steps in your life (please this is not about debating the value of the steps) or have questions about them ...this is the forum to do it! join in and share your will benefit from it!
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