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In 1978 I first came to AA I was very afraid of step 5 as I knew I'd go to the grave with my sick secret. Yeah it was sexual in nature and today can laugh abou it as it really was not that bad in fact kinda humorous. To me however, I felt "less then"

Fast forward to 1987 while still afaird of being judged, I had already shared my worse secret with friends in the car rides we took to go to meetings. I was lucky to belong to a traveling speaker group that went all over the tri state area to share meetings.

After writing the 4th we sat in his car at a monestary called Mt Alvernia and I read while he wrote out my defects of character and my amends list-simple! We then burned it in a bar b que and wathced as my past went skyward. After we went to a local movie and saw 'Ironweed" with Nicholson and Strept it was very appropriate a movie dealing with alcoholism and ghosts of the past!

Simple step that I have now done with many others most still sober. Doing the 5th goes a long way to permenant sobriety

I know this site is more with drugs but this is my expirence and it works well either way

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