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Hi Lala, I'm in Seattle too! It has been so awful lately, especially yesterday. But today (Saturday) is goregous. Where in the Seattle area do you live?

It is so reassuring to hear that even though it was hell when you tried to go off, you did get off before. That must mean it's not so hard if you do it right. That is a huge source of comfort for me. Also knowing it's safe to take through pregnancy. I want kids so bad and that was a worry for me. I'm starting to have those major baby cravings.

bm-Chantix is covered by my insurance, but if it's not covered by yours you could also try Wellbutrin, or I think it's called Bupropion for smoking causes.

Lala you sound so much better. You are doing great! I don't think I asked, how far along are you?

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