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Funny you mention it. When i went cold turkey back on 2/1/09 thru 2/5/09 because i was purging my system so i could get on sub, i only smoked maybe 3 cigs in those four days. However, as soon as i got on sub, i went straight back to half pack or so daily. I thought to myself, "great, i can quit taking percocet, but now i still get that wierd feeling that makes me want to smoke". So i dealt with it for awhile, about 9 months, then about a month and a half ago, i got on chantix. It helps tremendously, but it makes me feel like throwing up. So i have to eat with it. Problem is, i smoke 1 in the am before i get a chance to eat breakfast so that i can even take the chantix. And then at dinner i take another one, that is, if i eat a big dinner. Sometimes i don't eat a big dinner, and then i don't take the chantix, and then in the am i have to smoke again while waiting to eat bfast so that i can stomach the chantix. Its a vicious cycle, just like everything else with me. I hate it that i have to be so damn methodical and consistent in every damn thing i do. I need to pray for help. Sometimes i wish i wasn't so methodical and maybe i would never have gotten myself into all that i did. Drugs, drinking, and smoking. But oh well! At least i'm sober. That's what i think about. I have gotten better this week about eating bfast so that i can take the chantix early and stay off the cigs, but now i need to focus on eating a full dinner so i can take the second one and that way i will have enough built up in my system so that i can stay off the cigs altogether. Like everything else though, it's easier said than done. I will say a prayer right now for all of us and ask for enough self control to do what we each need to do to stay off the cigs.
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