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Default Smoking and Sub

Hi all, and welcome if you are new- sub has saved me over the past 3 years. I just have a question, just wanted to see if I am alone in this side effect....

First of all, I'm pregnant and due in March with my 3rd child. Recently I tapered and got off sub for 4 days before I had to get back on due to withdrawals and the wonderful people on this board informed me it wasn't safe to taper during pregnancy, even though I did it safely with my doctor. I'm back on 1mg a day until after I deliver, when I decide it's time again to taper and be done.

One of the main reasons I wanted to taper was because Sub makes me want to smoke so bad, I have had no success in quitting the past 3 years. And I knew Sub was safe during pregnancy, but smoking isn't, so even though I only smoke in the afternoon and evening after my dose, and it's about 3 or 4 cigarettes a day, I wanted to taper off the sub; I couldn't BELIEVE I was smoking during a pregnancy and unable to stop. I feel so trashy!

Now I'm back on the sub, and once again I've gathered like 2 smokeless days, but am about to go run to get some cigarettes; the craving is just so bad. So I guess I'm not asking for advice on how to quit smoking, I know all about that, it's about applying it now.... my question is: do any of you out there smoke, or find that sub makes you want to smoke more? I guess it's like any opiate in that way... Maybe, what do you think?

Thanks guys!
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