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An update. I'm on my 1st full day of withdrawals & it's going better than expected. Part of me is worried the worst is still to come? I've done this before & it was a lot worse but I did jump off of a higher dose of subutex....2/3mg a day jump a few years ago.

This time I was tapering but had no other options than the 75mcg Belbuca films & if you do the math that's equal to like .75mg. So I was on 1 of those films a day for about 12 days and it wasn't great but I got by with mild withdrawals. My last 75mcg film was Thursday morning (Apr 20th). I started mild withdrawls by Fri evening and I had 3 Tramsdols to get me by until Sunday. My last Tramadol was 1-50mg Sunday morning @ 7 a.m. I started feeling pretty good discomfort around 3/4 p.m. yesterday (Sun, 23 Apr). I've been eating bananas for the restless legs & I was able to get 5-2mg klonapin to help with sleep on the worst days. I know you have to b careful w/ those too. I took a half last night @ 1:30 a.m. & was able to get 4 hrs of sleep. If anyone has any insight or suggestions please let me know. I'm just wondering if the worst is yet to come? I fell like the bup should b out of my system. Thanks again. Trying to stay positive & going to try & get out for a walk. Im determined to do this no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Just keep telling myself it's only short lived in the scheme of things. Thanks.
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