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Default Need help tapering. (Belbuca). 1st timer posting

So this is my 1st time posting & I really need some support because I'm about to make the jump in 2 weeks. I was at 2mg subutex & was planning on dropping 25% every 4th day until April 21 & make the jump. However I can no longer get subutex & can only get Belbuca. I've done some research & as far as I can tell is basically subutex but in a strip/patch that u place on the inside of your cheek. My plan is to continue my taper but I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with Belbuca & if so is there anything I need to know about that I otherwise wouldn't with Subutex? Any thing I need to know or should do to cut them to make sure I'm taking the appropriate dose? I was already getting nervious/anxious about dealing w/ the withdrawals but now that I have to switch to another drug that I'm unfamiliar w/ makes me that much more anxious. Any insight would be great. I'll def be posting updates once I jump in a couple of weeks. I know it's not going to be easy & could use all the support I can get. I've gone through the withdrawals before about 4 yrs ago coming off about a 100/150 a day oxy habit so I know it's going to b rough but just not sure how it will compare coming off subutex. My goal is to get to 1.5mg on Thursday & continue to drop by 25% every 4 days until the 21st & after that I'm done! I just can't take this anymore. Also please feel free to give me any tips to help with the withdrawals. Again, I know they're inevitable but anything that might help with sleep or the skin crawlies would be great. I remember those were the worst for me the first attempt a few years ago. Sorry for rambling. This is my 1st post. Thanks.
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