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Default Im not sure what to do...

I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years. I am currently pregnant. My boyfriend likes to drink and when he drinks he gets very mean. The beginning of the year he has gotten violent with me and it was pretty bad. This wasnt the only time but this time it was worse. My whole pregnancy I have gotten no support from him and all he has been doing is drinking. When he drinks he gets very mean and it seems like it only towards me and everybody else he is nice to. He will call me names, threaten me and continue to throw the past in my face like when I would go out with my friends. I dont know if I should continue to try or leave. I am having a child with him and I do have another child from a previous relationship. Do you think he will change his ways or should I just walk away for good. I have told him that he needs help but he thinks he does not have a problem. I really need some advice.
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