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Default tooth ache is killing me...need advice please.

I have an appointment with the dentist in 48 hours ( this friday at 5 pm.) Last night I only got 2 hours sleep it was so bad. I've read about some bad experiences at the dentist from people here. things like the anesthesia wasn't strong enough because of the subutex. Should I try to put off taking any sub til my appointment in 2 days so the anesthesia will work or just tell the dentist before he starts to drill and hope he knows what he's doing. What if I lower my dose to 2 mg a day til friday. Will that even help at all if I do that? I don't know if I can go 2 days without any sub.

I have ibuprofen 600mg. but I don't even want to take that. I 'm really trying to be good here, but the pain is unbearable. It's times like this when I really feel like a loser.

Any advice would be nice. Thank you.
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