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Instead of picking apart different recovery tools, maybe the interesting question would be what constitutes a healthy personal treatment plan?

If peer support in not valid in recovery (treatment), then what is the purpose of this web site?

Sure it shares factual medical information, but, that can be done without the message boards!

Further, since this disease is not limited to merely biological issues, wouldn't one be hard pressed to rely solely on medications which only address biological symptoms.

I don't know for sure, but my guess is that "treatment" / "recovery" is made up of any tool which can help the individual move forward with healing in a positive and proactive fashion, no matter what tool is used.

And just possibly, I mean maybe, recovery is a bit different for each of us!

But I've heard the various comments, that medical aids are not true recovery or those who state, oh I am going to save so and so from those 12 step people. I never could grasp either as being productive trains of thought for my own recovery, thankfully!

But, to each their own!

So long as ones recovery works for them, then maybe it is the correct thing!

As you think, so shall it be!
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