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Hi Everyone!

Update on my daughter Lisa is still not good news. Her father flew to Texas Sunday and will more than likely extend his stay beyond this coming Saturday. The Oncologist met over an hour with him explaining that the tumor size makes him believe it has been growing for a year. The cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and spleen, the Pet Scan this Friday will show if it has spread anywhere else. Radiation & Chemo has begun hopeful to shrink the tumor. We are all trying to be optimistic about a good prognosis, however, the MD tells us 40 to 43% recovery. So our family is facing some sad times right now, however we keep the faith and hope and prayers going that things will change for the better. I will be going to see Mike tomorrow, bringing him the microwave and electric fry pan he has asked for. I'm not sure when I may go to Texas, it is starting to get mighty cold up here in the north country and things need to be buttoned up and things put away for the winter.

I send my best to everyone who is reading my posts, keep the prayers coming. God Bless you all. Take Care! Marilyn
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