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Frank, Keep hanging around. As a recovering alcoholic I need to hear from an alcoholic like you. You help keep me sober. I'm no better than you just a recovering alcoholic taking it 1 day at a time. Best of luck on your choices. R. Lee
Hi Lee,,

Thanks for the post. As far as choices, I only know aa, but the whole idea about god, (I don't believe in god) the big book, and 12 steps as a way of life turns me off, but I will say that in aa meetings, i've heard some of the best advice and moving stories out there.

One problem I have is that I never hit a big enough bottom. I wish I would have. Also, I must have a problem, otherwise I wouldn't be here or, my best thinking (heard this in meetings) got me into this problem.

I wish you folks (you, Carly etc.) lived close, as I would love to take you out to lunch, and maybe something would click inside my stubborn brain. Like a stick of dinamite maybe? Ha! Thanks,

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