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Hi Kira and I'm glad you found this site.

Have you ever had alcohol treatment before? (or any treatment for that matter) Do you have the ability to get therapy, etc??

Alcohol is a depressant, as i'm sure you know, and can cause some of the feelings you are having about yourself. While some may be true at this time, they can be changed if you can learn to not drink. Learning not to drink means both physically and mentally/emotinally. Some people drink to self medicate--to hide from what they are feeling--to numb. Do you recognize this in yourself?

It's very difficult to be the partner of someone who drinks. The hurt and frustration comes out often in hurtful ways. Maybe your husband is trying to do a 'tough love' technique with you? There is a section here that helps the friends/family--do you think you could get him to read some of it? It's important to have an understanding of this disease so everyone is ready and equiped when you do decide to tackle it.

So let me know a little more about your situation. There is lots of help out there and hope we can steer you in a direction. Do you have insurance?

Hope to talk with you soon and please know there are many ways out.

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