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Sam Bailey
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Hey RLee,

Thanks, friend! For your support and your encouragement. Yeah, I think I'll be okay too. But still, after 20-25-something years of Active Addiction, after nearly ruining my life and the lives of my forever-loved ones, I am just a little bit...anxious.

Not terrified, but anxious. Cautious too. A good thing, caution---right?

But still, we can't ruin our lives by worrying too damn much about ruining our lives.

I am so thankful that I have support today. That I'm ACCEPTING support, that's more accurate. I have my loved ones, I have an assortment of friends and neighbors, I have my AA/NA clubhouse(s), I have my spiritual foundation---and I also have you bunch of scalawags. Truth is, I can count on you all for help.

And I do

Yeah, I'll be okay. Although I must be damn well vigilant if I expect it to work!

Again, big thanks!

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