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Originally Posted by SkipDivided View Post
Hi & thank u 4 ur reply. I don't think people here liked me being completely honest w/ my post, oh well, lesson learned.
My DR. is pretty new at this & I'm the 1st H addict that he's treated w/ Sub. Everyone else he said is there for Vicodin, Oxy, etc. So that's why I came here for advice...
I'm currious as to why your DR. would start you out on Soboxone 1st then switch you over to Subutex? Did you ask for that? Because most DR's do it the other way around to make sure that any side effects you may have are not being caused by the Buprenorphine, but the Naloxone AKA Narcan.
I think mixing them may be the problem for me, it was a money saving decision, but now that they have generic Bup available I may switch to that.
Thanks again!
I can't speak for everyone but I for one know that I want you to be completely honest with your post, it's the only way anyone can help you or give you advice.

As far as why the doctor would start you out on Suboxone, I believe the Naloxone in it makes it harder to shoot up or snort, and I think (not positive) that it makes you sick if you try to take any opiates. My doctor is incorrect a lot of the time (lol Nancy) but that is what I've gotten from doing internet research and from my peers on this site.

I understand not telling your doctor you were snorting because he would probably take you off immediately, but you need to stop this addictive behavior. I'm only saying this because I care. The whold point of suboxone is using it as a tool to stop your cravings while you figure out how to live an addiction free healthy life. Snorting them is just continuing the addictive behavior. I know because I tried it too, then I realized I was using Sub just like I used to use my DOC, so I stopped.

I don't know how you feel about 12 step groups or therapy, but they are both great tools for recovery. Of it the 12 step deal isn't your thing, there are a lot of groups that focus on behavior rather than using a higher power.

Believe me, I know that some people can come off wrong but we all really do have your best interest at heart. Make sure you get that swelling out and keep us posted.

Your friend,
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