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Stat and Coffee,
when you have the sleep paralysis do u think ur eyes are open? Sometimes it feels like my eyes are open and sometimes it is more like I feel the presence of something, or see images, but I don't think my eyes are actually open when it happens. I dunno. It's very strange. It scared the hell out of me when I first got them. It is terrifying, especially in the middle of it when you are trying to fight it off and get back into reality. I've had them where I felt like the devil/devil like entity was moving closer and closer to me and I am trying to run, but can't move. I try with all my strength to get my eyes to open or to move anything b/c it's getting closer. I feel aware, but frozen. Oh, I've tried to scream too and that doesn't work. I try not to think about it so I can't remember many details from them.
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