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Default Hello, new here and I just need support

I have been on benzos for nearly 30 years for panic and anxiety and have been through 3 horrendous withdrawals due to drug tolerance.

Benzo History:
Xanax = 11 years
Klonopin = 11 years
Valium = about 7-8 years ( mostly 5 mgs per day). Not a huge dose (but a long time), and I seem to be overly sensitive to these meds. I think it is true what they say about benzos. It is easier to detox heroin. The 11 years on klonopin nearly killed me. I hate drugs and have never abused them or taken anything illegal. Like I said, I started them for panic, anxiety, and probably some OCD because I developed a severe heart attack phobia. I have had this fear for decades that I am going to have a heart attack and die when the panic began at age 23-24 IIRC. Before the panic and anxiety, I did not have the fear.

I am once again trying to get off the valium. Symptoms are mostly 24/7 chest pressure, pain, tightness, constantly anxiety, some panic, feeling I can't get in enough air and some burning skin. The burning skin is manageable.

I am just here to talk, receive support, and give support. My doctors has cleared me that my heart is probably ok but it sure does not feel like it but there is nothing more they can do for me medically except keep prescribing benzos which don't work anymore so what choice do I have but to try to come off these drugs and see if I can somehow cope? I fear that I may not survive this and I am scared. Thank you for reading and TIA for any responses, encouragement, etc.
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