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Question New, would like to join in

Hey out there, I picked this Addiction Survivors card up at DUI class. I have been in a relapse for several months. Drinking isn't really my thing, however, when in this deep, I'll do about anything to change the way I feel. I haven't had a drink since 1/21/10. But, I had a relapse on opiates a few weeks ago. I know about the steps. I've been in or around NA for years. I would love to chat about the steps. Glad they'll be beginning again soon. I have a question: Theres a lot of talk on this sight about medication assisted recovery. I spent years on methadone maintenance. It didn't work for me. I'd get kicked off one clinic and go out of city/state to another! It was as bad or even worse. Seems if I put any opiate in my system, I want more and more. I was on high doses too. Still didn't work. I didn't think I would ever get off it. I had to though. I would just do more on top of the clinics dosage. It killed more than one friend of mine. They were like me I guess. I'm not judging those helped that way. Who knows, maybe it saved my life at some point. My hat's off to anyone that gets any long term success that way. My question is: Is this the right sight for me? Is it for people on medication assist? Or for anyone? Thanks for being a voice in my darkness. I've been to a few meetings-weeks ago.
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