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Fifty, It is not how long you have been in the program. It is how you work the program.

I just have today. I have a sponsor & phone numbers to call. It is up to me to use them. I am either 100% in the program or I am in trouble.

I see people with long time sobriety & I would not want what they got. I try to stick with the winners. I also have to give back was so freely given to me.

I 1st tried the program in 1984 to get back with a X wife. I hung around. I did not like it & made no effort to do what was suggested. I hung around for a month & a half, then tried to do it on my own. I drank after 7 months. It was 20 years before I walked back to the tables. This time I wanted it more than anything. I listened & did what was suggested. I have lasted working the program 1 day at a time.
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