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Suboxone is garbage in my opinion and putting the extra med in a medication for no real good reason is irresponsible. It was done for patenting purposes no doubt as the name brand subutex was going generic and they had to keep making money so hey lets stick this drug in there and call it suboxone and well say its for safety reasons.
Hi anabolic1979, actually it was the government who was responsible for the naloxone. Because of the reports of misuse in Europe of Subutex, the FDA would not approve Subutex unless there was another formulation that would deter misuse, thus the naloxone was added. And since the patent for buprenorphine from 1969 was already expired, the manufacturer wasn't granted new a patent (usually a 20-year patent). Instead they got 'orphan drug status' which granted them exclusive marketing rights for 7 years. That was up in 2009 because Suboxone and Subutex were both FDA approved in 2002. A generic Subutex was first to come out because it was easier to make because of the lack of naloxone. Rumors are that there will finally be a generic Suboxone out pretty soon (but we've heard those before).

Just wanted to clear that up.

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