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i was on suboxone for 5 years before i switched to subutex and as far as getting a buzz.. the suboxone was far more energizing at least thats what i found. Suboxone is garbage in my opinion and putting the extra med in a medication for no real good reason is irresponsible. It was done for patenting purposes no doubt as the name brand subutex was going generic and they had to keep making money so hey lets stick this drug in there and call it suboxone and well say its for safety reasons. I had awful side effects from suboxone! the sweating like u said was more severe on suboxone by far. I did notice a strength and quality difference with the generic(roxanne brand) right when i switched so i got the name brand subutex for several months till my insurance stopped paying and it was fantasitic! The problem now is there is no more name brand and i personally hate 2 of the 3 generics out there. The only one i liked and was decent was the teva brand but its been on back order constantly... very frustrating!
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